Research presentation

04.March 2019 –Applied Research Hochschule München —Two weeks ago, our team leader Michael presented at the "Locale ARC" event his field of research in connection with his Master of Applied Research Hochschule München. In particular, he explained the technology of the concept "Direct Robotic Extrusion of Photopolymers for in Space Manufacturing". Thus, he was able to give other students and professors a more detailed and deeper insight into our project, as it is based on this technology.

Now on the ESA Website

19.February 2019 – Poix-Saint-Hubert, Belgium —Proud to say that we are now featured on the @europeanspaceagency website - meet your teams. Click on the link to get more information about our team and make sure to check out all the other great ESA_Education Projects.
For those who would like to know more about all the #flyyourthesis2020 projects:

Meeting an Astronaut

01.February 2019 – Poix-Saint-Hubert, Belgium —Throwback to one of our biggest highlights last week! Meeting the ESA Astronaut Léopold Eyharts. He shared his experiences during his stay on the ISS with us.

ESA Education

31. January 2019 – Poix-Saint-Hubert, Belgium —Big thanks to ESA Education and our new companion 'Paxi' for the Great Training Workshop in Belgium this week. We got very helpful input and key skills from experts to create our experiment successfully for the upcoming parabolic flight campaign in November.